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Make Our Home Your Home

Welcome to Morgan Lane Village, the premier assisted living facility in Tea, South Dakota. We are owned and operated by Tea Housing & Redevelopment Commission and are fully licensed by the South Dakota Department of Health. The mission of Morgan Lane Village is to honor each of our residents by making them feel valued and connected. Here, residents are able to live comfortably and lead full, active lives. Morgan Lane Village helps residents meet their goals of living as self-sufficiently as they can for as long as possible. Family members feel confident in knowing that their loved ones are safe and wholly supported by our caring staff.

Assisted Living

Morgan Lane Village provides various levels of assisted living care including healthy, homecooked meals as well as hygiene, healthcare and housekeeping assistance.

Retirement Communities

If you are ready to abandon the never-ending responsibilities that come with owning a home and have been searching for a safe, comfortable retirement community with other seniors who still enjoy an active life, look no further!

Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Understanding when it’s time to move into a facility that will provide you or a loved one with needed care is a very personal process. While an unexpected crisis may expedite the choice, it’s beneficial to be aware of the signs that assisted living may soon become necessary in order to have as many options as possible. Some things to look for include:

Poor Personal Hygiene

Memory issues or physical limitations may make it difficult to attend to hygiene, including changing clothes, bathing, combing hair and brushing teeth.

Unsanitary Living Conditions

Housekeeping can become overwhelming as we age. Dirty dishes, laundry and garbage may pile up, and disposing of old food or cleaning sinks, toilets and bathtubs may become impossible.

Loss of Mobility

With decreased balance and mobility, people are prone to stumble and fall. Safely rising from a seated position, climbing stairs and getting into and out of bed are critical to living alone.

Poor Nutrition

The inability to shop for or prepare food may cause someone to skip regular meals, leading to poor nutrition and ill health.

Mismanaged Medications

It’s crucial that medications be taken in the prescribed amount and at the correct time. Outdated prescriptions can be ineffectual or, worse yet, cause undue harm.

Unsafe Driving

Unexplained dents or scratches, fender benders or driving infractions may indicate that driving a vehicle is no longer safe.

Memory Issues or Depression

Anxiety, moodiness or insomnia may all be signs of depression. In addition, cognitive issues may cause one to miss important dates and appointments or neglect to pay bills, take medications or eat regularly.

We Truly Want to Make Our Home Your Home

AssistedLiving.org is a great resource for those considering assisted living care for themselves or a loved one. You’ll find in-depth information on how to tell if it’s time to look for assisted living and what kinds of questions to ask when you are touring a facility. At Morgan Lane Village, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how our Tea, South Dakota assisted living facility will work for you and to schedule a tour. We truly want to make our home your home.


540 Morgan Lane, Tea, SD 57064