You Deserve Peace of Mind

Morgan Lane Village is a high-quality assisted living community in Tea, South Dakota. At Morgan Lane, we go above and beyond to protect the health and well-being of our residents and staff. As we age, it’s not uncommon to become somewhat fearful of a world that seems to be moving at a pace we can no longer keep. This has many seniors asking the question: Is assisted living safe?

The decision to move from your home or apartment and into an assisted care facility is a major one. It can feel overwhelming to leave what we know and step into what is largely foreign. If you or a loved one is concerned that you will be forced to give up your safety for additional care, we would like to set your mind at ease.

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Great Staff

Morgan Lane Assisted Living is staffed by skilled and caring professionals, most of whom work in an elder care environment because they have a special place in their hearts for older people. Most report that their jobs bring them a sense of joy as they interact with residents, as well as a heightened a respect for the aging process itself. Our team members are well-trained and experienced at their jobs and in meeting the regulations that are involved with them.

A Clean Facility

Living in a clean environment is important to staying healthy. When clutter accumulates, tripping and falling become real dangers that can lead to injuries. As we age, it may become difficult to cook and clean up the kitchen. An unsanitary cooking area is susceptible to bacteria and mold growth, which can adversely affect one’s health. Personal hygiene can also be challenging as mobility decreases and makes climbing in and out of the shower or tub nearly impossible.

At Morgan Lane, we can take care of the cooking and cleaning for you, and assist you with your bathing and daily hygiene routine. Our residents find that they look and feel better, and their stress levels are reduced dramatically when these chores are done for them.

Controlled Access

When you move into your new assisted living quarters, your family and friends will be free to visit you, and you may go on outings with them as you please or are able. For your safety, all doors and windows are securely locked at night. You will also be able to lock your room to control access. Of course, staff is always onsite to assist you when needed and to check on your welfare regularly.

Cold and Flu Season

In order to safeguard the health of our residents during outbreaks of communicable illnesses, such as when the flu or cold season is particularly bad, we will take appropriate measures to reduce exposure by following guidelines set forth by the CDC and other entities. Your health is our top priority.

We’d Love to Show Your Our Village!

For more information about assisted living, you can go assistedliving.org. Morgan Lane Village senior living community is working hard to ensure the safety of our residents as we encourage them to relax and enjoy their golden years.  We invite you to learn more about Morgan Lane. We welcome your call should you like to discuss joining our safe, wonderful community.