Bring Your Memories with You!

Transitioning to an assisted living facility is a big change in a senior’s life. Whether you or a loved one are making the move from a house, apartment or another assisted living community, these new surroundings may feel foreign. Here, at Morgan Lane Village assisted living community in Tea, SD, we’re often asked by potential residents, “Can I decorate my assisted living apartment?”

The short answer is, absolutely!

Make Your New Apartment Feel Familiar

While the majority of our clients truly enjoy living in our senior housing facility, at the outset, it’s not uncommon to be concerned about missing your current home. We strongly encourage our assisted living residents to bring cherished mementos, favorite artwork, beloved photos, knickknacks, home decor and furniture items to decorate their new space. This helps to make your surroundings feel warm and familiar.

Layout Matters

Knowing how your new assisted living quarters are laid out will help you determine which major pieces of furniture to bring with you. If you are moving out of a house or condominium, downsizing may be required. 

You may wish to purchase a lift recliner rather than continue to struggle getting into and out of the easy chair you now have. Of course, when possible, it’s a good idea to bring your current bed, if you are comfortable sleeping in it.  

Even just a couple of furniture items will bring a feeling of “home” to your new surroundings. Any pieces that are appropriately sized and add comfort and functionality should be considered. For instance, an end table with drawers for added storage is a plus, and helps make full use of a small space.

Work with Loved Ones

Most of us own certain items that hold sentimental meaning for us. These may include gifts from children or grandchildren, family heirlooms, décor items, photographs or souvenirs. Loved ones can help an aging family member go through possessions and choose out some favorites. You may be pleasantly surprised at the meaningful conversations this activity sparks.

You might decide to select a few items to decorate with and put a few more into storage. Having family members help you rotate things into and out of your assisted living apartment will keep the atmosphere fresh, yet familiar. Over time, you may want to give away or donate some of these possessions.

Your Safety Comes First

At Morgan Lane, we want you to feel at home in our assisted living facility, but we need you to be safe, too. That means keeping walking areas clear so you can maneuver around with your cane, walker or wheelchair. Cords, rugs and clutter can be tripping hazards, and must be arranged appropriately to make the activities of daily living easier.

Position your living area so that you won’t have to stretch or bend to reach things. When items are easily accessed, you are less likely to become unbalanced, which could cause you to fall and hurt yourself.

Plan for Company

It’s nice to have accent chairs available to use when guests visit. These can be simple folding chairs that can be stored against the wall or in the closet. Seniors feel more comfortable inviting friends and family in to chat when they can offer them a place to sit for a spell. Social interaction is a great mood booster and helps to keep the mind sharp.

Transitioning Can Be Easy

Residents find that, when they work with family members to decorate their new apartment, transitioning isn’t quite so overwhelming. They often discover that this time together helps them to grow closer to loved ones, become comfortable with the move, and feel confident knowing that their new home was a good choice. 

Communities like ours offer residents opportunities for independent living, and helps put off moving to nursing homes for as long as is possible. We do this by offering various levels of care and assisted living services.  

Want to Learn More? Call Us!

For more information about decorating your assisted living apartment, check out Senior Living Today. At Morgan Lane Village, we want our senior living community to be a place you love and take pride in. To learn more about our retirement communities or to discuss how to decorate your assisted living apartment once you join our senior care village, please contact us today!