Creative Ways to Celebrate with Your Senior Loved One

Celebrating the holidays in an assisted living community may present special challenges for seniors and their family and friends. However, there are many ways that you can make the season cheerful and bright for everyone involved. If your aged loved one is experiencing their first holiday season as a resident in an assisted living environment, it’s worth taking the extra steps to ensure they feel remembered, included and loved. At Morgan Lane Assisted Living Community of Tea, SD, we strive to make the holidays special for our residents.

Bring the Holidays to Them

It is often necessary for seniors to remain in their assisted living apartments over the holidays due to health and safety concerns. According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults. In addition, inadequate transportation, mobility issues, incontinence, memory concerns and more can make it difficult for family members to provide them with the care they need; most homes simply aren’t set up to ensure a safe environment for the senior. For this reason, getting together where your aged parent resides is usually safer and less stressful for everyone involved.

Tips for Bringing Cheer to An Older Parent

If you’re wondering how to celebrate the holidays with a parent in a long-term care facility, the following suggestions may help:

Decorate for the Holidays

If possible, decorate your loved one’s apartment with beloved holiday decorations, such as old photos, and a Christmas stocking, or a menorah, creche or tabletop tree, if permitted. Alternatives include a poinsettia, holiday window clings, greeting cards or a festive wreath.

Shop Together Online

Many seniors enjoy giving gifts to family and friends for the holidays. While he/she may not be able to go to the local department store, you can help them browse for presents online and assist them in completing their purchases. Gifts may be sent directly to the recipient, or you can return later to make a day out of wrapping them.

Watch a Movie

If your family has had a tradition to watching holiday movies together, don’t let your loved one’s new living arrangement change things. Whether you watch something new or enjoy a classic like Miracle on 34th Street or A Charlie Brown Christmas, make an event of it. Pop some popcorn, mix up hot chocolate, put on fuzzy slippers and sit back and enjoy your time together.

Frost Cookies Together

For many of us, holiday baking is an important part of the season. If your mother or father is able to participate in baking, make a batch of roll-out sugar cookies together. If that isn’t possible, consider baking or buying them ahead of time, then pack them up, along with frosting and sprinkles, and spend an afternoon decorating cookies in your parent’s apartment. You may even wish to invite a couple friends from the community to join you!

Celebrate the Community

At Morgan Lane, we believe the holidays should be a magical and fun-filled time of year, no matter our age or living situation. We try to capture the joy of the season and make it special for each of the residents in our assisted living community. This includes decorating for the season, bringing in special holiday entertainment, holding social events, offering fun activities and enjoying special meals. We also provide opportunities for religious services for residents to partake in.

Make Arrangement to Visit Morgan Lane Today!

The holidays are a great opportunity to get together with your senior parent, partner, friend or other loved one in their assisted living home. Celebrate old traditions or develop new ones, but find unique ways to discover the joy in what is. Call Morgan Lane today to learn more about celebrating the holidays in our assisted living community or to make arrangements to visit our facility.