Tips to Convince a Parent to Consider Assisted Living

While it may seem obvious to you that your mother or father is in need of additional care, it may not be apparent to them. You may notice they are no longer able to keep up with yardwork, house cleaning and personal hygiene. In their eyes the changes have happened so gradually, that the they may not be fully aware of the situation. They may have you asking yourself how can I convince my parent it’s time for assisted living? Morgan Lane would like to offer a few tips based on our experience as an assisted living facility in Tea, SD.

Look for a Good Fit

Transitioning to an assisted living environment should begin by exploring local options. The internet is a great place to start. Once you have discovered what is available in your area, compile a list of questions about how assisted living works. Be sure to include questions about what each of the homes has to offer. Then, call to make appointments and tour each facility with your aging parent. This will help you narrow down which facility is a good fit for your situation.

Things You Can Do

The following should help your parent ease into the idea to consider assisted living:

  • Inspire Patience

While it can be frustrating to manage your aging parent’s situation, modeling patience will go a long way in helping them come to terms with the reality that they can no longer manage their current situation. Speak positively about community living and the freedom that comes with knowing daily tasks, such as showering, cooking meals, doing laundry, etc. will be taken care of. Know that this information will be well received at times, and rejected at other times. Be consistent and persistent, and encourage your parent to be patient as well.


  • Get Involved

At Morgan Lane, we believe the best way to transition to a new lifestyle is to engage in the community. We offer residents appealing activities that promote physical and mental health. If your parent balks at the idea of joining in on such activities, ensure them that you will attend with them until they are comfortable and feel like part of the group.


  • Get to Know Neighbors

Simply driving through the neighborhood and familiarizing your loved one with the area may help them become accustomed to a permanent change of scenery. If possible, introduce yourselves to the locals and partake in activities in the neighborhood, such as dining out or shopping. Simply hanging out in the community can plant the seeds of friendship your loved one may need to adjust.


  • Let them Ask Questions

At Morgan Lane, we are a trusted team who are invested in the health and wellbeing of our residents. We encourage caring relationships between our caregivers, staff and residents. This involves open communication between all three. Encourage your parent to ask questions and voice their fears or concerns with our staff. Knowing that they are heard and cared for will help your senior loved one feel comfortable.


  • Keep in Touch

Your parent is facing a major change that may feel like abandonment to them. This is an important time to stay connected and to encourage their friends to do the same. Remind them that you will be visiting often, and offer to bring friends along with you. Assure your parent you will continue to take them out into the larger community as much as possible.


  • Anticipate the Good

Your senior loved one has so much to look forward to when moving into an assisted living community. By treating this as an opportunity to live as independently as possible for as long as possible, your parent will be able to celebrate the move as the beginning of a new chapter in life. Encourage other family members, old friends, church family and neighbors to promote this as an exciting transition to easier and safer living.

Senior Care You Can Look Forward To!

For more information about how to transition to assisted living, go to assistedliving.org. At Morgan Lane Village, your mother or father will discover new freedom, privacy and a sense of belonging as they age with dignity. To learn more about us or to discuss how to help a family member consider assisted living as an option, please contact us today!