Imagine a baseball team comprised of nothing but pitchers. It would be chaos! Not to mention frustrating for the other team’s batter as he tried hitting nine baseballs all thrown at the same time.

Specialization of its members is the key to any team’s success, and our team at Morgan Lane Village is no exception. Our assisted living residence employs several categories of professionals. Each has their own area of expertise, but all share a common goal: to make our residents’ golden years exceptional.

Whether you are preparing to move to an assisted living residence or wish to help a loved one during their transition, making sense of whom to ask certain questions can be daunting. That’s why we prepared this brief guide to assisted living residence team members!


Assisted living residences are not hospitals, and their residents do not require around-the-clock care. Even so, any reputable assisted living residence will keep one or more full-time nurses on their premises 24/7. Multiple nurses are often on staff during the daytime when residents are up and about.

While they do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments, nurses do manage residents’ health care. They may administer medications, injections and IV therapy, as well as take blood samples. The close rapports nurses build with residents often lead to rewarding friendships. Therefore, the residents are more comfortable sharing how they feel and any concerns they may have about their health.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Like nurses, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) also works closely with residents. A CNA is not as highly trained as a nurse and reports directly to one. In addition, they are not permitted to administer certain types of medications. These include medications require special training or precise measurement of dosages. They may also not insert catheters, tend to wound care, or perform other delicate medical procedures.

But CNAs are nevertheless passionate about their role at an assisted living residence, which is vital to residents’ well-being. You will often find CNAs helping residents bathe, eat, and move about freely. They also provide important companionship to the residents. The family members of a resident may ask a CNA about how their loved one is doing, although questions about their health and treatment are best reserved for the nurses.

Resident Assistants

You can think of a resident assistant as a Johnny-on-the-spot. They are someone who is ready to do most anything for the sake of the residents’ comfort. In this sense they serve as auxiliary CNAs. In addition, they may also tend to administrative tasks, help out in the kitchen and deliver meals, set up recreational activities, and drive into town to pick up anything which the community might need.

Activity Director

Staying busy doesn’t just help residents enjoy more rewarding lives. It also keeps their minds sharper throughout their golden years. The activity director’s job title really says it all. They make sure residents’ days are filled with yoga classes, bingo games, movie screenings, live concerts, and regular trips to local points of interest. Activity directors are always eager to learn what residents would like to do so they can provide a better experience. (Skateboarding is seldom requested.)

Operations Director

A great assisted living residence is a tightly run ship. The operations director oversees the myriad demands of a busy community including its dining, transportation, housekeeping, maintenance, landscaping, and more.


Office work is an inescapable demand of any well-run organization. An assisted living residence’s administrative directors and assistants keep all the paperwork in order, greet guests on their arrival, answer the phones, and see that the facility remains in compliance with state and federal requirements for a business of its class.

Marketing Director

While smaller assisted living residences may engage outside help for their marketing needs, many larger ones keep full-time marketing directors on staff. These highly skilled specialists enjoy meeting with potential residents and their families, getting the word out about their communities through advertising, and writing compelling blog posts.

Executive Director

As their job title implies, the executive director runs the show. Their responsibilities include managing finances and staff, ensuring the community remains compliant with all laws and regulations, and advancing the assisted living facility’s long-term goals while ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Would you like to see how so many assisted living team members come together to create an extraordinary residence? Then you need look no further than Morgan Lane Village in Tea, South Dakota! We welcome you to come in and meet our whole team while you get acquainted with our expansive facility, as well as contact us with any questions you might have about how our team serves our residents.