You have spent a lifetime making sound decisions. And now, as you have gotten older, you face one of your most important choices to date: Is it time for senior living?

This is not a decision to be made hastily. You must consider several personal factors including your health, your finances, and whether your loved ones will be available to give you more assistance as you need it. But in general, those who choose a future with a senior living community share some of the following sentiments in common.

Homeownership Has Become Tiresome

Yardwork, cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, and all the other chores that go hand-in-hand with home ownership are bothersome even to those who haven’t spent a lifetime of hard work. As you enter your golden years, you must ask yourself whether you wish to spend so much time keeping house.

Many seniors who have already raised families find themselves living in homes with too much empty space. Conditions like arthritis may even force them to abandon using their upstairs floors altogether. Choosing senior living won’t just free up your time – it will also allow you to sell your home and trade so much unneeded space for comfort and convenience.

The Future’s Uncertain

Hopefully you are still in good health and have decades ahead of you to spend enjoying it. But you are reasonable, and you know that nearly everyone’s health begins to decline with age. You rightly wonder how you will get by should you become unable to drive or ascend stairs. You may not have family to depend on eventually, or wish not to become a burden. By selecting senior living while you are still healthy you have greater agency over where you will live, and you won’t sacrifice any amount of your independence for having made a responsible and foresightful decision.

Self-Care Has Become Difficult

You may have recently begun to feel that self-care is draining more and more of your energy. Does driving safely no longer feel natural, but more like the product of intense focus and effort? Do you find yourself ever missing meals simply because you didn’t feel like making a trip to the grocery store? Have you found yourself wearing clothing that ought to have been washed? Has even regular bathing become challenging?

These aren’t things to feel embarrassed about. They are simply indications that you could live a happier, healthier life with some assistance. A senior living community will offer you transportation, meals, laundry services and any other help you may need on a regular basis. It’s all about enjoying the quality of life you are entitled to!

You Are Feeling Lonesome

Too many people spend their golden years in relative isolation. This is understandable. Seniors’ family members often move far away these days, and many of their contemporaries have already gone on to eternal life. Unfortunately, lonesomeness is usually more than just a feeling. It can also have a great impact on your overall health including depression, weight gain or weight loss, and even the worsening of existing medical conditions.

Senior living often marks the start of a whole new social life. Choosing senior living means you will once again be surrounded by your peers, whose values and opinions you share and respect. Many of our residents are delighted to quickly make new friends. You deserve to spend your golden years among company you care for.

You Wish to Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, senior living actually saves residents money. Those who opt for in-home care typically pay over $4,000 a month for it. Furthermore, the price of renovating a home to make it handicap accessible may be as great as $19,000!

The cost of living in a senior living community is generally comparable to hiring one in-home caretaker. Of course, community living also includes several amenities such as health and medical services, making it the far more economical solution in the grand scheme of things.

We at Morgan Lane Village have helped many people understand when it is time for senior living. If you would like to learn more about the comfort and convenience we offer the most