Valued in Assisted Living Community

Feel the Love at Morgan Lane

The decision to move into an assisted living community isn’t always an easy one to make. Leaving the home you know and feel secure in, and starting over in new and unfamiliar surroundings, can be a little scary. It may leave you wondering, when I move into assisted living, will I feel valued?

The staff and residents here at Morgan Lane Assisted Living Village in Tea, SD would like to assure you that you can still live a rich and rewarding existence, where you feel loved and appreciated for who you are when you move into a retirement community. As a matter of fact, you may even find yourself engaged and happier than you have been in years!

Stay Connected

At Morgan Lane, our residents are part of an active, engaged community. At every opportunity, we encourage seniors in our midst to enjoy a dynamic and independent lifestyle. Above all else, our mission is to help seniors remain connected to resources throughout the greater Tea community, partake in opportunities that pique their interests, and meet their mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Make Every Day Worthwhile

Morgan Lane offers residents many opportunities to join in activities and events that enrich the mind, body and soul. You can meet friends for a morning exercise class, challenge neighbors to a game of cards or take even in a musical performance. Maybe you’ll dig in the garden one day, and have your nails manicured the next. Perhaps you’ll visit over coffee or get dressed up to attend church. The more involved you are in the community, the more comfortable and enjoyable your new home becomes. It’s a win/win situation!

  • Morning exercise
  • Arts and crafts
  • Bingo, puzzles, board games
  • Church visits
  • Gardening
  • Manicures
  • Musical programs
  • Playing cards
  • Talking books
  • Wii games

Care for the Mind, Body and Soul

An assisted living facility at heart, you’ll get the best possible care at Morgan Lane. Each and every member of our community is truly valued as an individual. From your very first day with us, we will treat you with dignity and respect. Your privacy is safeguarded, your interests invested in, and your choices celebrated.

Personal care services will occur in the privacy of your assisted living apartment. Also, depending on the level of care you need, services may include help with personal hygiene and dressing, medications, housekeeping support, meal preparation and more. We will never discuss your private affairs with other community members, so you don’t have to worry.

Our residents and employees feel safe and secure with the 24-hour supervision we provide. Our staff report a high level of satisfaction with the health care model care facilities that we follow. Happy employees provide better personal care services and develop close relationships with the residents they serve. We believe that when our staff feel valued, they pass that feeling along to the entire community.

Get Answers to Your Questions

If you have more questions about becoming a resident at Morgan Lane Assisted Living Community, or would like to arrange a tour of our care facilities, please contact us. In addition, you may find more the answers to commonly asked questions about assisted living apartment living at Next Avenue’s website.

The best way to glean information about moving to a retirement village and still feeling valued as a person is to speak with residents themselves, which can do when you visit Morgan Lane in person. We would also be happy to provide you with testimonials from our current assisted living residents and their family members.

We Value You in Our Assisted Living Community

By arming yourself with information collected through research and the experiences of people who have been where you are, you will be more confident that you will feel valued in an assisted living community. Please contact Morgan Lane today for more information.